Click on the eCertification button in the User Manager app to access the summary report of your conference teachers' certifications, endorsements, and highest degrees. Download report as PDF or CSV.


For full status sheets, go to Data Rollup and click on the eCertification report button.


K-12 Principals, Vice-Principals and Academy Registrars have access to the eCertification summary reports. K-12 Principals also have access to full status sheets for their teachers.


eCertification is linked by the educator ID number. If a teacher gets a "Sample Teacher Status Report" when clicking on the eCertification icon, it could be that there is a problem with the ID number.  Be sure to check the previous database to see if there is prior ID number.  Contact the Union Certification Registrar for additional assistance.

Principals of schools with four teachers or more can print out certification status sheets for their teachers from Data Rollup.

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