Freezing Reports

Directions for schools: Please follow these steps to assure accurate data in your Opening and Closing Reports. Directions are the same for both reports.



Opening Report: End of 3rd week of school

Closing Report: Data as of last day of school — completed no later than one week after last day.


Monitor your school reports via the Conference Support Portal. Encourage them to FREEZE their report as soon as it is accurate. If a report is not accurate — UNFREEZE it — and notify the school to correct their data.

Conferences can freeze and unfreeze school reports.


IMPORT FREEZE: Schools also have the option to freeze their imports at the end of the year. This will allow them to begin working in the next school year without having to wait for the July 15 date of changing to the new year's data base.

NOTE: Our system-wide database server closes out for all imports by midnight July 15 of every year and begins accepting imports for the next school year.


FACTS SIS — Please do NOT progress your school year until you have verified all reports to be correct, you have frozen your Closing School Report, AND have frozen your imports. Thank you!

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