FTE Instructions

The Full Time Equivalent (FTE) number represents ALL the personnel involved in operating the total school program. It is about function—not money.


How to calculate FTE

  1. Academy Teachers: Calculate by class periods (how many taught out of a full load).
    ○ Example: If a full load is six classes and you teach one class, you would be 1/6 or 0.17 Teacher FTE.
  2. Elementary Teachers: Calculate by dividing number of hours a week teaching/working by 38.
  3. Support staff and Administrators: Calculate by dividing the number of hours worked in a specific category by 38.
    ○ Example, if a person spends 30 hours a week as an administrator and 8 hours as a teacher, FTE would be calculated as follows: 30/38 = 0.79 (78.94%) for administrative, and 8/38 = 0.21 (21.06%) for instructional.



  • Full-time equivalent (FTE) fields are to be expressed as a fractional percent of the load normally expected of a full-time (100% or 1.0) staff person.
  • Support staff = non-administrative, non-teaching staff regardless if hourly or salary.
  • Staff Titles: NAD has a defined list of staff titles. Please consult the staff title list when adding the title to your employees. Be sure to add them in the correct category.
  • Total FTE for an individual cannot exceed 100% (1.0).
  • While total FTE for a school can be less than or equal to Total Head Count, it cannot be greater than the Total Head Count.
  • Head Teacher: A head teacher is counted as 1.0 teacher FTE. IF there is a support staff who supervises students during regularly scheduled "administrative" time, the head teacher may be counted under admin FTE for that amount of time.
    • Example: if the head teacher has scheduled 4 hours a week for administrative duties and there is a support staff to cover the classroom, the teacher may report 0.1 admin and 0.9 teacher.

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