IOWA Test Scores

IOWA test scores are imported to the Student Cumulative Record Report each fall. Three points of data must match between the SIS and Data Rollup in order for the import to take place:

  • NAD Student ID
  • birthdate
  • full legal name


All conferences will receive pre-identification barcode labels from Riverside Insights at no additional charge. This is to ensure the most accurate student information and obtain the highest rate of data import success.


Click here for the checklist of the steps needed to place your barcode order with Riverside Insights.


The student information is exported directly from the schools' student information system (SIS)data in the Data Rollup app.


The export button is available and functioning in Data Rollup every fall AFTER August 1.  Be sure to give schools a deadline to get their information into their SIS so that YOUR data is complete and you have time to get your file uploaded to Riverside Insights’ FTP site in time to create and ship the labels.


IMPORTANT: It takes about 10 business days for Riverside Insights to run barcode labels from a good file. Completed barcode labels ship via UPS 2-day.  Due to the family privacy act all barcode files need to be uploaded to each conference secure FTP site. Keep in mind that you will need to ship the labels to the schools. When you set your deadline for data to be entered in the SIS — make sure you provide time for shipping!

Withdrawing Students // Bar Code Labels