Manual Entry of Data (DataBridge)

Of course Data Rollup’s usefulness is determined to a large degree by the completeness of the information in its database and it is essential that all school data be integrated into Data Rollup. NAD provides an online data entry form within the Data Rollup app for schools who are not currently connected to Data Rollup. These schools manually enter all of the demographic information that is in the Opening, and Closing reports. Hopefully, the conveniences of the connected database system will help encourage everyone to work together toward the shared solution.

The Bridge is a “band-aid” for schools who do not have an approved SIS yet and for our schools in Canada who are not able to roll data up due to privacy laws.

Schools who are not using a Data Rollup compatible SIS will see the message as shown above. Clicking on the “Manually Enter Data” connects the user to the Bridge. Notice the list of available reports is much shorter than the list other schools have.

NOTE: At this time, the Education Directory only includes school information, conference and union personnel.  As school personnel information comes from the student information system, there is no way to include this data in the directory.

NOTE: Schools who are rolling up data via an approved SIS will benefit from data being automatically populated in Accreditracs, the NAD online Accreditation document.


The following programs automatically connect to the database for information entry:

  • Jupiter


If you are using another vendor, we have the data mapping protocols to integrate your data into the system if the vendor is willing and able. This would be at the cost of the vendor or the school.


Information to become an approved vendor is located here.


School Opening Report // Closing Reports