Before You Begin // Schedule of Tasks

Schedule of Tasks


  • Employee IDs in the User Manager
  • Add roles to new conference educators
  • Create new ID numbers for educators new to the system
  • End roles for any educators transferring out of schools


  • Student ID numbers in the Student ID Manager
  • Check to see schools have “managed” their student lists
  • By the time school starts, no students should be left in the “Last Year’s Students” list
  • Begin checking schools’ error reports in Data Rollup and remind administrators to work on clearing the errors and warnings
  • Look through Data Rollup Conference Directory to ensure accuracy in school/teacher information
  • Check School and Teacher Opening Reports in Data Rollup
  • Opening Reports should be correct and frozen by the end of the 3rd week of school.


  • Monitor schools’ import errors and warnings in Data Rollup
  • Add/end educator roles as needed


  • Remind schools to begin working with Closing School Report data
  • Begin monitoring Closing School and Teacher Reports for accuracy
  • Remind schools to verify accuracy of Teacher Closing Reports AND freeze both the Closing Report and imports before a teacher goes off contract
  • Verify accuracy of schools' Closing Reports. (Two weeks after last day of school or by July 15.) Work to assure 100% accuracy.
  • Unfreeze schools with inaccurate/incomplete data. Notify the school to correct and freeze.
  • End roles of teachers moving out of schools


Vision // User Roles