School Opening Report

Reports are generated with one click. See this example of a School Opening report (below).


NOTE: The data is only as good as the information entered in schools' SIS. A school can have ZERO errors and still have an incorrect Opening Report. Pay special attention to the religious affiliation data.  Data Rollup errors will not be generated for incorrect information regarding religion.


Opening Report Assistant

Opening Reports should be correct and frozen by the end of the third week of school.

Boxes with the same color should show the same totals. This allows for easy cross-checking of data.

If you find your opening report isn't accurate, use the Troubleshooting Version found in DataRollup to help solve challenges you may find.

Teacher Opening Report

 Each teacher for the school (PK–12) should check and verify their Teacher Opening Report prior to the School Opening Report being frozen. Any changes should be shared with the one who enters data in the SIS.

It is important that ALL teachers in the school, PK-12, are looking at their Teacher Opening Report in Data Rollup to verify their information. This serves two purposes. One: it helps to double-check the information on the report for accuracy; two: it gets them into the Dashboard so they see the other resources available to them, such as Files, eCertification, etc. such as Files, eCertification, etc.


Teacher Opening Report Example

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