Student Information System (SIS) Verification and Notifications

In order to be able to assist schools, it is important to know the Student Information System (SIS) that is being used. At this point in time, there are two NAD approved SIS vendors which are fully compatible with Data Rollup. These are:

  • Jupiter


Notifications for Data Rollup imports will be emailed to the individual listed in the Settings information. Please be sure your schools' SIS information and contact information is up to date. This is not accessible to conferences. The changes must be made at the school level.

  1. Click on the school name in MySchools to access the record browser.
  2. Click on the Settings link.
  3. Edit the information.
  4. Click Update.


Note: Current SIS information is determined by the import file for those schools who are Data Rollup compliant with their SIS.

Schools may also update their own settings in Data Rollup.

Click on the Settings link and update the information.

If your school is using a SIS that is NOT an approved vendor, please realize that you will not be able to take full advantage of the Data Rollup reports—and neither will your conference or union. For information on how a vendor can be added to the approved vendor list visit TDEC SIS Vendors.

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