All “active” school employees are listed here with their Employee ID number, role and email.

User Manager

Conferences have access to the User Manager for the purpose of managing their conference educator lists. The User Manager will open to the page for your "jurisdiction." This should be your conference.

User Manager Tasks — School Directions (FYI)

  • Review the school information at the top of the page. This information comes from eAdventist. Any changes should be given to your Conference Education Office to be updated with eAdventist. The data syncs nightly.
  • If you do not have a website, please consider contacting Adventist School Connect for a FREE school website. This is an excellent source of information for your parents/constituency, as well as good public relations.
  • Check to see that your list of educators/staff is correct.
  • Request NAD Employee ID Numbers for any new educators and/or staff from your Conference. (Supply FULL legal name, maiden name [if applicable], preferred name [if not the first name], birthdate, and email) Use the form here to send your conference your listing of employees needing ID numbers.
  • Let your Conference know if there are any employees on your list who should not be there. As long as an individual has a role in your school, they have access to the school’s information according to the role’s jurisdiction.
  • Click on the CSV button to access a report listing your educators' information.
  • Click on the eCertification button to access the teachers’ certification summary report.
  • Encourage your teachers to keep their individual teacher accounts current.
  • This includes name and email address changes.
  • Email addresses should match what is used in the SIS. (Emails that don’t match will generate an error with your SIS import to Data Rollup.)
  • Individual educator accounts can be accessed and edited by the teacher by clicking on the name in the top right corner of the screen AFTER logging in.

NOTE: Encourage schools NOT to use "role-based" emails. Email addresses defined by a job or title rather than a person are known as role-based addresses (ex: Typically, these addresses are managed by several people and sometimes fall into disuse. This can lead to high bounce rates and spam complaints, so MailChimp will automatically remove them from your import.

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